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Fishing from a Wheelyboat

The Boats

Tweedability are specially designed fishing boats for less-able anglers which have been designed by a collaborative group of the Wheelyboat Trust, the R.T.C., and the Tweed Foundation.

Unlike boats for less-able anglers on still waters, Tweedability boats have been specifically designed for use on fast-flowing rivers such as Tweed. The user does not have to leave his or her wheelchair and accesses the boat by a ramp from the bank with a hydraulic lift inside the boat lowering him to the correct height for fishing. The boats can be powered by an outboard motor or rowed. The boatmen who use them report that they are very manoeuvrable despite the additional ballast weight which provides extra stability.


The boats are available to any disabled or less-abled angler who would like to use them. They have been well trialled and work extremely well but as they has to be moved around the River access arrangements are crucial.

Special training is being provided for boatmen, particularly with respect to Health and Safety, and suitable access and launch sites on the Tweed are being logged for both the boat and wheelchairs. In places this may require some additional work on surfaces to the riverbank and the use of moveable matting is being tested.


For details about booking Tweed Wheelyboats please contact:

The Tweed Foundation
Tel: 01896 848271

Tweed Wheelyboats can be booked through either of the above, or through any of the letting agents on Tweed. There are links to do this from the larger sites, such as Tweedbeats or FishTweed.

Boats are provided for a small consideration to cover the costs of delivery and maintenance.


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