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Fact Sheets and FAQs

Temporal Segration of the Different Run Timing Stocks of Tweed Salmon in the Rod Fishery

The Conservation Case for the Ban of the Killing of Wild Salmon

Hatcheries and Stocking

The Spring Salmon Run of 2009

Results of Historic Tweed Stocking

Salmon Sizes on Tweed

Beavers and Fish

Catch and Recapture Rates of Tweed Salmon

Was there a previous period when Spring Salmon dominated before the 1910s-1950s phase?

For how long are Salmon catchable after they enter the river?

Diseased Salmon in Autumn

Lengths and weights of Tweed Salmon

Coloured fish and smoking

Catch & Release for Autumn Fish?

Changes in Tweed Salmon Cycles

Avian Predation - The system explained


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